Hi! We are Lauren and Eddy. We live in Banff, Canada. We live to work a little and retire often. When travelling we like to get off the tourist route and break our own trail in search of the wild and beautiful places.

Our main game is hiking and backpacking, but we'll give anything a crack. Kayaking, climbing, mountaineering, cycling, mountain biking, diving... if it's outside and takes us somewhere nice, we're sold!

This blog is a collection of stories, tips and advice for other prospective trail breakers. We are a long way behind and will focus on South American content since that is where we find ourselves right now.

We hope you enjoy it!



Banff Livin'

December 2014 - Current

We're pretty lucky to call Banff home. We love getting out and about in our backyard.

denali kesugi ridge alaska mountains trek backpacking

The Alaskan Odyssey

July - November 2015

We packed our bags and drove North in search of wild places and adventure. We found em'.


Tour de USA

April - June 2016

With no knowledge of bikes and a mild distaste for riding them long distances, Eddy decided to tour from Arizona to Canada.

peru huayhuash huaraz trek cordillera blanca

South America

September 2016 - May 2017

A big ol' trip through one of the most ecologically diverse regions on the planet, Western South America.


Driver, Photographer, Pack Horse

Edward Grout

 Photographer, Driver & Pack Horse

Hails from Australia. Lover of cookies, hater of city driving and mint chocolate. I'd never really had much to do with mountains before moving to Canada, now I can't imagine life without them. Dream destinations: Tibet, Pakistan & Iceland.

Head Chef, Navigator, Model

Lauren McKay

Head Chef,  Model & Navigator

Alberta born. Lover of dogs, hater of bugs, blisters and the wind. I wish we could be travelling with a Bernese Mountain dog named Pudding but Eddy won't let me have one. Dream destinations: Mongolia, Rwanda & Eastern Russia.




The original adventure mobile. Sold to a good home in the mountains to live out his life in peace. Dearly missed. 

bike tour colorado presidential range cycling colorado


Weighed down with way too much gear and subject to more than his fair share of punctures, yet ever reliable. Tales of Ranger coming soon. 


The Flying Empanada

AKA The Rotten Empanada, she's our South American steed. More house than car and at times more trouble than worth. 


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