Sep 2016 | Huaraz, Peru

Acclimatizing in Huaraz

We collect our bags from the turnstile, double check our address for the night and google translate how to say “how much to this hotel?”. Minutes later we’re speeding through a dark and empty city with no idea where we are going and how much it will cost. Its nearly 3am when we get dropped off with a warning from our driver that this is a bad part of town...


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Sep 2016 | Cordillera Huayhuash, Peru

The Huayhuash: The World's Best Trek?

3 steps, stop. 5 steps, another stop. My head spins. We're at 5,000m above sea level and the going is hard, but the end is near. Only 200 more steps until the top of the pass. My mental countdown tells me that is roughly 15 more of my little breaks. Only then could my oxygen deprived, flu stricken body rest...


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Oct 2016 | Cordillera Blanca, Peru

Caraz & Laguna Paron: R&R in The Cordillera Blanca

The taxi drops us off halfway up a hill outside a long since closed convenience store. Plastic food wrappers and fencing wire litter the roadside. The road continues winding up towards the steep cliffs that demark the National Park. We didn't feel like paying the extra $60 to be driven the 12km to the trailhead, so we'll be walking from here...


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Oct 2016 | City Hopping, Peru

Cities of Southern Peru: The Giardia Days

If you're still reading and can handle another story where I complain about being sick, settle in for a few tales of city hopping through Southern Peru.

It had been three weeks since our arrival to Huaraz, and though we weren't desperate to leave the Andean paradise, we decided it was time to explore a little bit more of Peru...


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Oct 2016 | Cusco, Peru

The Quest for Rainbow Mountain

"To get there", said the man at the tourist agency, "our bus will pick you up at 3am, drive for 4 hours, force you to buy breakfast from my cousin, and then send you on your way with approximately 300 other tourists, all walking at the same time as you."

Okay so maybe that's not exactly what he said, but it's what our research had told us about this hike....


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